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For more testimonials, please check us out on Minnesota Better Business Bureau! 

"I bought my set of cookware in 1995 when I was single and did the payment plan since I was a live-in nanny and wouldn't need the pans right away. I knew this was a great investment and have added several pieces to my collection since then. The pans look like I just got them and I cook all the time. Now that I have been married for 14 years I appreciate having gotten my cookware early on. I go see them every year at the State Fair (where I originally bought my cookware) and love telling anyone there for the demonstration how much I love my pans."

Debbie G., New Hope, MN

"This cookware is amazing and perfect for our family of four!"

Kali G., Bertha, MN

"Love this product and everything about it! Very friendly rep's and you can tell they love what they do and what they sell. Their business knowledge was impressive! There is no other cookware like it!"

Vicki S., Lakeville, MN

"I have made multiple purchases of merchandise from Associated Consultants over the last twelve years. I started with a set of cookware, and have added additional items over the years including additional cookware pieces, turkey roasting pan, juicer, food and vegetable cutter, liquid core electric skillet and knives. Next on my list is some quality bakeware. The quality of the products they sell are outstanding. I had always wanted a nice set of cookware, and I finally have it. Plus, not only is the cookware quality, but it is waterless cookware, as well, so that you can really cook healthy and get the most nutrition from the food you cook. They have always been so helpful and nice; always wanting to make sure that you understand how to use your new cookware. I couldn't be happier, and I highly recommend Associated Consultants."

Dianna D., Bloomington, MN

"I just believe in buying quality once. I have had this set of cookware for over twenty years and it is just keeps going and going. The stainless steel sparkles just as it did then. A lifetime set of cookware. Thank You!"

Aimee S., Minneapolis, MN

"I love the cookware! I recently began using their waterless greaseless cookware and I have never made such a tasty meal! The cookware really helps to make a flavorful and juicy meal--I was blown away by the quality, especially in comparison to my old cookware. The company does an excellent job of explaining how the cookware works and gives you recipes as well.

Would definitely recommend."

Andrea B., Minneapolis, MN

"Purchased knives from these guys and they know their business. I love the product and cannot wait for the MN State Fair in 2015 to purchase my next item from them. Very friendly and they wanted to be sure you were happy ! I was ! Their product demonstration was fantastic! Thanks guys!"

John G., Minneapolis, MN

"Love my griddle I purchased from Associated Consultants! They were very informative and friendly."

Mike S., Minneapolis, MN

"I have had bought a variety of products over the past years from Associated Consultants and could not be happier. They have been easy to work with. They are all so friendly. They are very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. My favorite product is the cookware. I have 4 children and they are very hard on the cookware, but it just washes up so well. A couple of times they burnt things on it so bad it was black. They thought it would have to be thrown out, but I was able to show them how to make it look like new again. In addition to the cookware I have bought cutlery, crystal, flatware and china. I love all my products. Thank you Associated Consultants for all the wonderful products and service."

Maria A., Coon Rapids, MN

"Back in 2009 my wife and I went to their presentation while we were engaged and we are really glad that we did. The presentation was for the best cookware that we have ever seen. We were amazed with the quality of the pots and pans and the people representing the company seemed sincere and not shady in the least. We have been extremely happy with our purchase. We use our cookware almost every day and they still look brand new. They will last our lifetime and we will pass them down to our kids. The customer service is great to work with and we would strongly recommend this company."

Nathan B., St. Louis Park, MN

"Two years ago my husband and I (married 29+ years) met them at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand building. We were in the market for a good set of cookware. We found it there! We love the product, the waterless, healthier cooking results and the clean up is easy. Each year we add a piece to our set. Best value for the dollar, even though the product is pricey. We\'ll never have to buy another set and we don\'t have to worry about any toxic coatings chipping off and ending in our stomachs. This cookware is high grade, heavy duty gauge stainless steal. The only negative is that they only sell at the Minnesota State Fair and at wedding/cooking shows. That marketing works for them which is great. If I need something I just call them. Their customer service is outstanding and they are located for replacements or additions in Minneapolis. Buy it right the first time and you\'ll never spend any additional money like we have over the years. This is our 4th and final set of cookware. The rest are now on a thrift store shelf somewhere. Thank you, Associated Consultants."

Nancy P., White Bear Lake, MN

"Nice! Thanks!"

Erik T., Coon Rapids, MN

"The cookware is awesome! Our food tastes great & cooks evenly! Very

pleased with my purchase."

Valerie T., Bovey, MN

"Very Happy with product"

Henry C., Cedar Falls, IA

"They work great so far! Easy to store and clean."

Daniel and Toni B., Worthington, MN

"I have the cookware, china, crystal, tableware, cutlery, bakeware and juicer. Love love it all for many years now!!"

Lisa D., Columbus, OH

"Works great!"

Lisa D., Col, OH

"Beautiful and amazing!"

Alan D., St. Cloud, MN 

"We love our pots and pans!"

Mike and Danielle J., Chicago, IL

"My China set it absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to add to it!"

Krystal B., San Antonio, TX

"I am very happy with my product."

Ben and Kayla S., Columbus, WI

"It is awesome to know i have pans that will last a lifetime."

Beverly S., Phoenix, AZ

"Love them!"

Kelly and Sarah P., Abercrombie, ND

"Can't wait to learn all about my new pots, so I can begin cooking healthier!"

Nicole G., Schertz, TX

"Love the nonstick feature."

Jenni F., Sheboygan, WI

"We like the cookware!"

Benjamin Z., Gilman, WI

"They're beautiful! I'm so excited about trying them out. My family already wants to know what I'm going to cook first."

Robert & Tammy H., Phoenix, AZ

"They are awesome! My food tastes delicious."

Jessica C., San Antonio, TX

"It's great."

Theresa & Daren P., Kodcak, AK

"Love them, want to order a few more items. Thank you!"

Lyanca M., Austin, TX

"Wish I had more recipes. Love them."

Julie & Kevin K., Milton, WI

"We love them!"

Kristen & Matthew B., Mesa, AZ

"These pots are amazing!"

Amanda L., Cloquet, MN

“I love them (the products)! My food tastes so much better and it no longer dries out!"

Stephanie J., Fargo, ND

“Bakes beautifully- beautiful appearance. I've always wanted a cake pan like this one."

Jim & Ruth D., Glen Ullin, ND

"It is better than I could have imagined."

Lauri A., Surprise, AZ

"We love it! We can't wait to start using the cookware and having dinner parties to show off our china. Thanks!"

Tony J., Joilet, IL

"It's so much fun! I found out from my dad that over 60 years ago his mother bought waterless cookware and valued it the rest of her life."

Rebecca S., Oregon, IL

"Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! We will be registering for our wedding for more!"

Zac E. & Kylah B., Hayward, WI

"I'm so excited to have my cookware! I've been cooking with cheap pots and pans, and these are like heaven. Thanks so much!"

Heather W., Phillips, WI

"My favorite things to cook in my cookware is fresh vegetables . . . I don't buy canned vegetables anymore."

Bridget & Brandon B., Fairchild, WI

"It's everything you say it is. It's even fun to cook now, and easy to use and clean. Food tastes great! Thank you. Best investment we've ever made."

Sharon & Steve O., Dunkerton, IA

"I really like my cookware! I am looking forward to using my cookware . . . for a lifetime!"

Annissa H., Ottunua, IA

"My new cookware is so easy to use. Finally, I have cookware that is reliable and helps me to prepare terrific meals."

Kristen K., Mounds View, MN

"I have owned all types of cookware- aluminum, glass, cast iron, other brands of stainless steel. Nothing cooks better or cleans up easier than this!"

Beverly F., Thief River Falls, MN

"They are wonderful and a must in any kitchen."

Ralph & Holly R., Richfield, MN

"We really love them. Our food has a great taste all the time."

Matt & Trisha H., Grey Eagle, MN

"Perfect. Everything I have wanted from cookware!"

April G., Glyndon, MN

"Fantastic. We love the new pans. It is really hard to keep them put away. Some piece is always out. Thanks for a great product."

Dennis M. & Linda S., St. Paul, MN

"Love them all! I will be purchasing the rest of the knives and some more wonderful products!"

Priscilla A., San Antonio, TX

"Love them. They are so beautiful they cook great and extremely fast. Easy to clean and well worth the money!"

Tim & Nicki T. Austin TX

"I can definately tell the difference in the taste of my cooking!"

Janette & Russell B. San Antonio, TX

"It is wonderful and we continue to be very happy with all our cookware!"

Janet M. Portsmouth, R.I

"Beautiful and very much worth every penny!"

Michelle B. Austin, TX

"We love them and want more!"

Jon & Alicia F. Santa Rosa, CA

"We love our new cookware - thanks!! Our food taste so great!"

Bobbie S. Sandy, UT

"So far so good!"

Allison B. Boise, ID

"I love them and think they are great!! Food cuts beautifully and tastes great!"

Qiana Y. Austin,TX

"They look great! A great plus to the kitchen!"

Jeffery & Rebecca C. San Marcus, TX

"Cookware is performing great- worth the wait!"

David & Melissa P. Waxhaw, NC

"These dishes are absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for introducing me and my family to a healthier way of cooking!"

Celeste C. Farmington, UT

"All of the products we ordered are beautiful we can't wait to use them all!"

Chris & Lindsie. College Station, TX

"It was one of our first investments. They are used everyday. one of the thing we liked best was the steel cleaner that came in sample packets with our set!"

Erik & Denise R. San Antonio, TX

"I love them! Do you carry any brochures of all your pots and pans, so if I want to, I can order additional items?"

Kristina E.

"I love using them!"

Carolyn & Brian R.

"Wonderful to use - so easy!"

Marcus M., Good Thunder, MN

"They are great!"

Jeff & Tracy B., Foley, MN

"We love our new cookware and are excited to keep up the healthy cooking tradition."

Estevan & Maria G., Smithville, TX

"Love them!

Andrea L., San Antonio, TX

"Simply Amazing!"

Sue P., Foley, MN

"Excellent purchase, I am very happy with it."

Garrett M., Minnetonka, MN

"Love it! Very excited!! Great Investment!!!"

Melanie L., San Antonio, TX

"Beautiful!" Heavy duty. Bakes perfectly.

Barbara K., Plymouth, MN

"Just enjoyed cooked carrots for the second time in my life, the first time being at the demo."

Nathan B., St. Louis Park, MN


Jayar G., Helotes, TX

"Thanks so much for your excellent service."

Gabrielle & Justin Y., Iber, AK

"Am a very happy user of the pots & pans purchased from the Minneapolis office - Jana is just wonderful. Am interested in the juicer you have. Appreciate the assist!"

Maria L., Minneapolis, MN

"Looking forward to cooking healthier!"

Susan M., LaPorte, MN

"They are great and we love them!"

Hansani P., Duluth, MN

"Love our new cookware!"

Jill & John M., New Richmond, WI

"Love all the pans, they work wonderful!"

Joshua K., Duluth, MN

"Love them!

Cydney P., Cedar Falls, IA

"Everything cooks faster and tastes fresher!"

Mark and Jessica T., Watertown, SD


Jamin Kinnunen, Ridge, NH

"We love our pots and pan so far! Easy to use, easy to clean, great tasting food!"

Hayley and Justin B. Hillman, MN

"We love all of the cookware we bought! It's so easy to cook healthy meals. The video was helpful too."

Logan and Jena T., Duluth, MN

"Excellent Products! Definitely a recommendation for new clients."

Erica E., Gilbert, AZ

"Very Heavy and Durable!"

Miranda B and Ricky N., Pillager, MN

"We love it! Nothing sticks, Cleans nice and food tastes great!"

Chris and Kara, North Mankato, MN

"Everything is great and we love the cookware. The cookware definitely exceeded our expectations."

Rod and Sherri, Phoenix, AZ

"My fiancé and I were introduced to Associated Consultants at a bridal show. We ended up going to a demonstration and bought their cookware. I was a little skeptical because of the cost but have not been disappointed! The cookware is excellent. We use them multiple times a week and they still look brand new. They cook so evenly and quickly and they clean up so easy! We are extremely pleased with our purchase."

Amber and Cody, Faribault, MN

"I'm SO excited to start using this cookware with my sweet family :)"

Erica and Ronald, Sun Tan Valley MN